Terra Flame: 12 Pack Pure Gel Fuel by SunJel


Set the mood in any room with the warm glow of fire. Terra Flame Gel Fuel by SunJel is odorless, clean-burning, emission free gel fuel and does not require outside venting.

Simply drop a can in any gel fuel fireplace, fire bowl or lantern, light it, and enjoy hours of warmth. Each can produces a 7-inch flame that looks and crackles like the flames of a wood fireplace. Each can burns bright for up to 3 hours, offering the long lasting warmth of a wood fire, without the mess.

Product Features: 

  • 2-3 hour burn time
  • 5-7 inch flame and real crackling sounds Smokeless, odorless and virtually emission-free
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe to burn
  • For use in appliances designed for single use cans of gel fuel such as unvented fireplaces, tabletop fire bowls, lanterns and torches
  • 13oz. of fuel in a 16oz. can
  • Can dimensions: 3.275 inches wide by 4 inches tall
  • Made in America

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