Homecrest – Revive Air Chat Chair

Original price was: $3,299.00.Current price is: $2,499.00.

Ships May 2022

The mid-century was a great time for furniture design, with many styles setting the standard for which all subsequent designs are measured against. Decades later, Homecrest is helping the iconic “mid-century modern” style experience a renaissance with the benefits of modern technology. Enter: the Revive air collection. This collection uses our unique Sensation sling material—which offers incredible stretch, memory, and UV resistance—to provide the look and feel of a classic cushion, but with none of the restricting maintenance.

The Revive air collection is a refreshing style on the eyes, offering a high-quality visual design that hasn’t been seen for many years. This gives the collection potential for homeowners with a refined sense of styles, as well as for designers of corporate environments where innovation and creativity are valued.

Product Features:

  • Carbon Frame Colour
  • Zinc II Sling Colour

Dimensions: 33″ D x 33″ W x 35″ H

Additional Dimensions: 25″ (Arm Height) & 17.5″ (Seat Height)

  • The fabrics used on our double layer slings and padded slings are warranted against tearing, discoloration, or excessive fading for 5 years when maintained per the recommended care and maintenance instructions.
  • Aluminum and steel frames are covered from structural failures for 15 years.

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