Cushionless Patio Conversation Set


Ships April 2022

Experience the Antibes Difference

You invest in quality, comfort, and style by choosing our cushionless patio conversation sets. Experience the Ebel difference today and create an outdoor space that is both beautiful and functional. Enjoy the luxury of low maintenance and the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading warranty.

Set Includes:

  • Sofa
  • 2 Club Chairs

Create an elegant backyard and entertaining space with the Antibes collection. The Antibes Cushionless Conversation Set is constructed of a lustrous aluminum frame with a sophisticated & stylish open weave pattern. The all-weather wicker appears to be borrowed from an old leather chair and sits just as well – no cushion required. Luxury comfort and sleek design meets low maintenance. Available in Smoke.

Product Features:

  • The flawless balance of an airy, aluminum frame with a luxurious weave.
  • DIMENSIONS:  Club Chair – 30.75″ W x 33″ D x 33.5″ H / Sofa – 75.5″ W x 33″ D x 33.5″ H
  • DURABLE:  Rich, variegated weaves are handwoven onto powder-coated aluminum frames designed to stand the test of time.
  • UV Stable:  Weave contains all necessary ingredients to prevent damage from UV rays as well as environmental factors.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT:  Sun, wind, rain – these products are weather-tough and will withstand the seasons and their elements.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE:  Rinsing with water is all woven furniture needs. Avoid using pressure washers.
  • WARRANTY: 15 Years Frame / 3 Years Finish / 5 Years for Wicker
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Transform your backyard into an elegant, entertaining space with the Antibes collection. The Antibes cushionless patio conversation set features a sleek aluminum frame and an exquisite open weave pattern that radiates sophistication and style. Crafted from all-weather wicker reminiscent of vintage leather, this set offers unparalleled comfort without needing cushions. The blend of luxury and sleek design ensures both low maintenance and high-end appeal. 

Features of Our Cushionless Patio Conversation Sets

The Antibes cushionless conversation set embodies elegance and functionality. The aluminum frame, designed to be lightweight yet robust, is paired with a luxurious open weave that adds a touch of sophistication to any outdoor space. This set is the perfect blend of form and function, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical durability.

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The Antibes series boasts rich, variegated weaves that are meticulously handwoven onto powder-coated aluminum frames. This process ensures that the furniture is visually appealing and built to stand the test of time. The combination of solid materials and expert craftsmanship results in durable and stylish furniture.

UV Stable

The weave of the Antibes cushionless patio conversation sets includes all the necessary ingredients to protect against UV ray damage and other environmental factors. This ensures your outdoor furniture maintains its color and integrity, even under the harsh sun.

Weather Resistant

Built to endure the elements, the Antibes set is weather-tough. This piece of furniture will continue to look and perform excellently, whether it’s scorching sun, heavy wind, or relentless rain. The materials are specifically chosen to resist the ravages of weather, ensuring that your outdoor space remains inviting year-round.

Low Maintenance

Keeping the Antibes set in pristine condition is effortless. A simple rinse with water is all that is needed to clean the woven furniture. It’s important to avoid using pressure washers, as these can damage the finish and weave. With minimal care, this furniture remains a hassle-free investment in luxury.

Create Your Perfect Outdoor Sanctuary

The Antibes cushionless patio conversation set is more than just furniture; it’s a statement of elegance and comfort. Transform your backyard or patio into a stunning space where you can enjoy time with family and friends. This collection’s timeless design and robust construction make it a perfect addition to any outdoor setting.

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Effortless Style and Comfort

Designed to bring effortless style and comfort to your outdoor living space, the Antibes set offers a luxurious seating experience without the need for cushions. The sophisticated weave mimics the comfort of an old leather chair, providing a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Versatile and Elegant

Whether you’re hosting a lively summer barbecue or enjoying a quiet evening under the stars, the Antibes Cushionless Conversation Set is the versatile and elegant solution for all your outdoor needs. Its sleek design complements various décor styles, making it a versatile addition to your outdoor furniture collection.

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