Make a Statement With Protégé Casual's Coffee Tables

At Protégé Casual, we are a vibrant, second-generation family business that thrives on bringing joy and comfort to your outdoor spaces. With a sprightly spirit, we are here to deck out your patios and gardens with the crème de la crème of outdoor furniture, including modern tables. Why, you ask? Because like a fine brew that warms the soul, we believe in concocting moments that simmer with laughter, love, and everything in between.

  • Innovative Design
  • Sustainability Commitment
  • Durability and Comfort

Each coffee table we design is a labor of love, infused with copious amounts of care and attention to detail. Our goal? To help you create an outdoor setting that feels like a warm hug from an old friend. Because, at the end of the day, we are furnishing your outdoor space and setting the stage for life's little spectacles. From backyard BBQs to tranquil morning coffees, Protégé Casual's modern tables are there to hold your drinks and more importantly, your cherished gatherings.

From Round Coffee Tables to Square Tables, We Offer it All

Our coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes to suit your personal style and outdoor needs. Looking for a simple yet elegant addition? Check out our round tables, perfect for small spaces or intimate gatherings. Want something more versatile? Our square tables offer functional storage solutions while adding a touch of contemporary flair to any outdoor setting.

Few notable metions include:

Ambiance Coffee Table

The materials used in Ambiance feature rust-free aluminum frames, ensuring structural durability to withstand changing weather conditions. The fully welded aluminum frame comes in Textured Black.

Harbour Square Table

Manufactured using high-quality aluminum processed through extrusion, this range presents a blend of lightweight durability, ideal for enduring outdoor conditions. The precision of the extrusion method yields sleek lines and a contemporary look. Powder-coated aluminum frames, resistant to rust, corrosion, and fading, demand minimal upkeep.

Atlas Coffee Table

This aluminum collection features a sleek design that complements its appearance. The aluminum frames offer both durability and strength. Crafted from extruded aluminum, these pieces are lightweight, robust, and resistant to corrosion.

Coffee Tables That's Just Right For You

At Protégé Casual, we uphold a commitment to excellence as a core value. With over a million square feet of manufacturing space, we blend cutting-edge machinery with time-honored artisanal techniques. This fusion allows us to offer you the perfect synergy of modernity and tradition, showcased in our range of square tables, round tables, and more. Our modern tables are carefully manufactured to withstand the elements, endure the test of time, and retain their beauty throughout years of use. Check out more of our outdoor products:

We Offer Unbeatable Value and Timely Delivery

At Protégé Casual, we deeply appreciate the significance of your hard-earned money. To this end, our management team consistently evaluates our pricing framework to guarantee that we provide you with the utmost value. Our goal is to make premium round tables, square tables, and other products readily available to all.

With swift order fulfillment, your new outdoor coffee table will be ready for you in no time. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to surpass your expectations with every purchase. So browse thorough our collection and order today!